DOCA’s President and Chairperson of the Board of Directors serve two-year terms. Other Officers and Directors are elected to two-year staggered terms of office.

Board of Directors

DOCA Officers

President – Garry J.D. Hubert (California)
Chairperson – Robert J. Jans (Illinois)
Immediate Past Chairperson – C. Michael Shyne (New Mexico)
Immediate Past Chairperson – Vicki E. Churchward (Indiana)
Secretary-Treasurer – Johnna F. Grant (California)
Vice President, Region I – Laree A. Mugler (Ohio)
Vice President, Region II – Jeffrey W. Yundt (Indiana)
Vice President, Region III – Linda M. Hogg (Montana)
Vice President, Region IV – Cheryl A. Ball (California)

DOCA Directors 

Region I
Laurance J. Guido (Florida)
Robert B. Hamill (Connecticut)
Edward D. Pilpel (Connecticut)
Lynn D. Reed (New Jersey)

Region II
Thomas P. Ellis (Indiana)
Scott A. Glaze (Indiana)
Thomas J. Kane (Minnesota)
Maynard F. Oliverius (Kansas)

Region III
G. Bret Culbreth (Colorado)
Jewel Lee Kenley (Utah)
Lou C. Kerr (Oklahoma)

Region IV
Leo B. Bustad (Alaska)
John L. Curci (California)
Thomas W. Roddel (California)
Thomas T. Tierney (Idaho)
Robert G. Van Schoonenberg (California)

DOCA Past Chairpersons and Ex Officio Members of the Board
Donald G. Bickle (Kansas)
Peter L. Carter (California)
Robert E. Currie (California)
Jerome E. Finn (Connecticut)
H. Safford Peacock (Illinois)
Jon K. Thompson (Tennessee)
Frank W. Weinberg (Florida)