Cost Of Membership


doca_logo Cost of Membership

Annual dues are currently $600.00 per year covering dues from November 1 to October 31 the following year. From July 1, the dues are $300 for the remainder of the membership year.

In addition, DOCA members are encouraged to participate in at least one DOCA program each year. DOCA members are responsible for all their costs for any DOCA program. Obviously, program expenses vary depending on the location, cost of accommodations, airfare, and other factors. Program expenses include a DOCA fee for the overall cost of the program, airfare, hotels, meals and miscellaneous expenses not covered by the DOCA program fee.

A typical domestic program can cost from about $795 to $1,500 and take two to four days. A typical international program can cost between $5,000 to $10,000 and take seven to ten days.