Nomination Process


doca_logo Nomination Process

Those who have completed the JCOC program can become DOCA members by completing and submitting the DOCA application form. No interviews or DOCA approvals are required.

Others interested in being nominated for membership in DOCA must meet the DOCA selection criteria, fill in and submit the application, and be interviewed by at least one current DOCA member in the region where the applicant is a resident.

The applicant’s membership application and an endorsement from the DOCA member(s) that interviewed the applicant will be forwarded to the DOCA Executive Committee for action.

The applicant can fill in the on-line application form that will be automatically routed to the appropriate regional membership chairman, the national membership chairman, and DOCA’s Burke, Virginia office. Alternatively, the applicant can print out the application form, complete the form, and mail the completed application with a photo of the applicant to DOCA’s Burke, Virginia office.