Who Belongs


doca_logo Who Belongs

DOCA members are dedicated to understanding the national security and international relations issues facing the U.S., and passing on what they learn to others. The primary mechanism to accomplish this is through programs and meetings that provide opportunities to see first-hand our military facilities, meet military and diplomatic personnel, and to receive in-depth, unclassified briefings on Department of Defense and State Department activities. On international programs, DOCA members meet with military and diplomatic personnel from the host countries we visit. DOCA members also support the U.S. military, veterans, and their families. YOU SHOULD CONSIDER JOINING DOCA IF:

  1. You are interested in national security. Learn more through site visits to Department of Defense facilities, meeting with personnel of all ranks, and receiving unclassified briefings from those in leadership positions.
  2. You are interested in international affairs. Travel overseas to meet U.S. military and diplomatic personnel and host country military and diplomatic services.
  3. You would like to be more knowledgeable about the Department of Defense and the Department of State to enable you to pass on what you learn and be a more knowledgeable participant in discussions of national security issues.
  4. You respect our men and women in uniform. Support those on active duty, veterans, and their families.
  5. You have the time, energy, and finances to allow you to take a domestic or international trip per year at your own expense, traveling with 30 to 50 other DOCA members.
  6. You would like to be part of an organization made up of approximately 500 business and community leaders with similar interests and concerns.