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Upcoming DOCA Events
22-25 JAN

Savannah, GA: Sunday and Wednesdays are travel days. Planned visits in the Savannah area are to Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield and Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina. We will finish with a visit to Kings Bay Submarine Base.

Event DateJanuary 22-25, 2023
Savannah, GA
5-9 MAR

Ottawa, Canada: Sunday travel day with hotel Visits to the Canadian Armed Forces HQ for a half day, U.S. Embassy for a half day with late-afternoon reception, and other meetings with business and bilateral groups to discuss U.S.-Canada partnerships. A third day to Montreal is being considered.

Event DateMarch 5-9, 2023
Ottawa, Canada

San Diego area, with visits planned to Naval Base San Diego to see the new USS Zumwalt class destroyer, MCAS Miramar for USMC Air Operations, and HQ NAVSPECWARCOM for Navy special

Event DateMay-June, 2023
San Diego, CA

Tentatively: Northern Indo-Pacific Region, with visits to South Korea (Seoul, DMZ, Camp Humphreys, and Osan AB), Japan (Camp Kinser, Yokota AFB, Camp Zama, Yokosuka Naval Base).

Event DateLate July/August, 2023
Northern Indo-Pacific Region

Fort Leavenworth, KS and Whiteman AFB

Event DateSeptember 10-13, 2023
Kansas City, MO

Annual Meeting and Visits to MacDill AFB (US Special Operations Command HQ, US Central Command HQ, and 6th Air Refueling Wing) and other sites.

Event DateNovember 5-9, 2023
Tampa, FL