John Caccamo – DOCA President 2024

John returned to his hometown of Cincinnati after many years in government service at the Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office in Washington, DC, where he provided the Secretary and his senior executives with independent analytical assessments in support of strategic resource decision-making in the $300+ billion VA budget. Before the VA, John staffed the Mayor of a major midwestern US city, advising elected and appointed leaders on budgetary and financial matters and providing internal management consulting services to enable the efficient and effective delivery of municipal services to the citizens.

John holds a Master of Public Administration from the George Washington University in DC and a BS in History and a BA in Genetic/Biotechnology from Washington University in St Louis, in addition to PhD studies at Ohio University and Regents University in London.

Continuing his public service theme, John has been an active member of the Defense Orientation Conference Association, a national defense and foreign policy educational non-profit organization since 2005 and served DOCA in many official roles before becoming President in 2023. As part of numerous DOCA delegations, John has visited US and foreign military/national security installations, government agencies, and embassies in over a dozen countries on four continents. John’s professional memberships include or have included the American Society for Public Administration, Government Finance Officers Association, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, and the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis.

John is a certificated Commercial pilot with time in over ten types, from biplanes to business jets, but most enjoys spending time at home in Ohio or Florida, with his wife Cathy, an OIF Veteran who loves her job at the VA (where John met her), continuing the mission to care for our Veterans and their families.


Garry J.D. Hubert – DOCA Chairperson 2024

Garry Hubert is a Navy Brat. His father’s career as a Chief Warrant Bos’n took the family around the United States and ended in Stockton, California. Garry attended the local junior college before graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with an A. B. in Criminology. Law school followed and he graduated with a Juris Doctor Degree from Berkeley Law in 1968.

Garry’s career as an attorney was as a litigator for over 50 years. First, as an insurance defense attorney representing an insured sued because of an accident caused by the insured injuring someone.

Then, as a Deputy District Attorney for Alameda County, California where he prosecuted individuals charged with crimes. When on the felony trial staff he tried cases involving robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, trafficking in narcotics, kidnaping, rape and homicide.

Garry returned to the civil side of the law when he joined another insurance defense firm. He defended automobile accidents, earth movement cases, defective product cases and construction defect cases. One such construction defect case lasted for six months setting the record, at that time, for a civil jury trial in San Francisco, California. Garry also defended medical malpractice cases and became a neutral arbitrator for Kaiser medical malpractice arbitration.

Eventually, he opened his own firm and began specializing in subrogation law. Subrogation involves an insurance carrier suing a tortfeasor to recover insurance payments made to an insured who was damaged by the actions of the tortfeasor. In conjunction with subrogation cases, Garry began specializing in wildland fire cases for last portion of his career. In a joint venture with two other attorneys, they represented 100s of individuals damaged by wildland fires. Typical defendants were Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and other entities who caused wildland fires. Finally, after an enjoyable career, he retired from the practice of the law.

VP Region 1 – Edward Pilpel (CT)
VP Region 2 – Scott Glaze (IN)
VP Region 3 – Lynn Boughey (MT)
VP Region 4 – Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer -Frank Caccamo (OH)
Past Chairperson – Robert Jans (IL)
Past Chairperson – Michael Shyne (NM)


  • Region 1
    • Director – Paul Martin (TN)
    • Director – George Lange (FL)
  • Region 2
    • Director – Catherine Kane (MN)
    • Director – James Auffenberg (IL)
  • Region 3
    • Director – Scott Cosper (TX)
  • Region 4
    • Director – Scott DeYoung (CA)
    • Director – Lori Rudin (CA)