The Defense Orientation Conference Association (DOCA) is a private, non-profit organization. DOCA members support the efforts of the United States armed forces and officials at military bases around the world.

We support countless recreational centers at military bases both in the US and internationally. Whether donating to a recreational center at Hill Air Force Base for Airmen or a Medical Staff Lounge at Dover Air Force Base (Air Force Mortuary), we continually support our military in areas that directly benefit personnel.

In addition, we repeatedly support the National Defense Universities (“NDU”) – funded by the United States Department of Defense, NDU facilitates high-level education, training, and professional development of national security leaders. Most recently, DOCA donated to the NDU located at Fort McNair, Virginia, to support their international exchange program with military officers from around the world.

  • Edwards First Council
  • First Flight Test Historical Foundation

I was very excited when I discovered that by going to Los Angeles AFB hosts defense orientation conference and Vandenberg space force base hosts defense orientation conference association were published as local news items on the internet.

Both of these appeared published by the defense visual information distribution service (DVIDS) and included pictures of our president presenting checks for MWRD and pictures on presenters, some very similar to what Lynn Boughey posted for our WEB page.

We have long sought to get local recognition of our presentations.

If any of you made this possible, please let the office know.

Los Angeles Air Force Base hosts the
Defense Orientation Conference Association (DOCA)

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